About Us

Marie Raven

Marie Raven is me! I’m an American expat living in Stavanger, Norway, where I freelance full time. I’ve been a writer forever and I have a lot of strong feelings about the power and necessity of having quality words in all areas of life. 

Good content goes beyond just writing. It’s a synthesis of organization, argument, syntax, and style. It’s about knowing what information is relevant and saying the right stuff at the right time. It’s also about good editing and thorough proofreading. 

My freelance business exists to offer good content to small businesses and creative people who want to sell their services. I believe in small businesses having enormous value and creative people getting paid for their services. I want to make it easy for these good people to communicate their message without needing to invest decades into writing well like I have. Let’s share, okay?

I am “third-generation” self-employed: I’m the daughter of a local retail store owner who is herself the daughter of a local contractor and developer. After watching my mother’s business grow for more than 25 years and spending most of my time in the workforce in locally-owned stores, I’m passionate about the impact made by companies like these.

When I’m not working, I spend a lot of time knitting, I’m an avid ensemble and solo singer, and I walk a lot. While I’m located in southern Norway, I do all my writing in US English for clients anywhere on the earth. 

The Wolp

The Wolp is my office assistant, photography model, and business advisor. He’s an eight-year-old orange tabby named Wolper, and he’s good at none of those jobs. When he’s not working, he’s usually biting my feet.