Hi. I'm Marie.

I am a content writer and not the cat.
The real story of your creative, independent business.

I’m here to refine, amplify, and project your business’s voice. Let’s create smart content with personality that announces your value and delights your audience. 


Reach your ideal clientele and show them why you’re here and what you have to offer. Align your product descriptions, service information, and company story with what your customers are looking for today.


Create a vivid picture of your place in the industry and why doing business is more than just a money transaction. Have an answer to questions like “Why shouldn’t I just order it cheaper on Amazon?” and “Why shouldn’t I just do it myself for free?”


Build relationships founded in value. Update your online presence with powerful content that communicates clearly and establishes trust. Embody a brand that people return to and grow with for years to come.